Everwell Health Solutions is a healthcare technology startup company based in Bangalore. We are focused on leveraging technology to improve adherence to anti-Tuberculosis medication through an innovative mHealth project called 99DOTS. Our mission is to use appropriate technology to empower patients to self-monitor their adherence, and enable programs to identify in real time which patients require additional outreach.

Our work has been recognized and praised by Bill Gates and Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) as one of the most innovative technologies for social good. As a spin-out company from Microsoft Research India, Everwell boasts a world-class team from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, BITS, and IIIT with a history of collaborations developing technology to address issues in health, education, agriculture, and citizen journalism. Because our technology is seen as one of the most promising technologies in global health today, we have received support from top donor agencies including the Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, and more to expand our operations throughout India and the rest of the world.

99DOTS is an innovative solution to give health providers a remote and real-time monitor of when their patients take tuberculosis medication. A sheet of pills is wrapped in a special 99DOTS envelope, and pills are dispensed through perforated flaps on the envelope. Each day, when a patient dispenses their medication they reveal a random toll-free number on the back of the perforated flap. Once a patient gives a free call to this number, the 99DOTS system marks the patient as adherent for the day only if the correct number is called. Failure to call triggers alerts and notifications to care providers for immediate counseling and follow-up. See more details at https://www.99dots.org.

Incubated at Microsoft Research India, we have been developing and deploying 99DOTS for the past three years - check out our live counter for up to date dosage and enrollment numbers. Currently, we have patients across India and have early stage pilots in Myanmar in a variety of treatment settings in both the public and private sector. However, the largest deployment by far is in the public sector in India. We have enrolled more than 50,000 patients so far, and are set to expand to 300,000 more patients in the next year. We are also actively pursing pilots in other countries / settings with a high TB burden.

For more info about the project, real time stats on patient enrollments and monitored doses, and training materials for treatment staff, check out the 99DOTS homepage.


Andrew Cross
CEO & Co-Founder
Bill Thies
Chairman & Co-Founder
Nakull Gupta
Abhishek Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Amy Chen
Research Fellow
Brandon Liu
VP Engineering and Research
Harsha G
Software Engineer
Kumar Abhinav
Associate Consultant
Kshama Lakshman
Prasaanth Balraj
99DOTS Intern
Priyanka Ivaturi
UX Researcher
Reena Kuttan
Vineet Nair


Jaya Lakshmi
Phone Counsellor
Prema Mahesh
Phone Counsellor
Roopa Aravindan
Phone Counsellor
Saloni Chandak
Visiting Intern


We're a young organization with a world class team experiencing rapid growth. We are looking to grow the team as we expand 99DOTS across India (and the world!). If you have experience or interest in ICTD, healthcare, capacity building and training, relationship management, technical consulting, software engineering or supply chain management: email us at jobs@99dots.org.

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Email us at contact@99dots.org with any questions, or visit our website at 99DOTS