Everwell Everwell Health Solutions
User-centric healthcare technology
Everwell designs and builds healthcare technology centered around the users. From adherence to patient management tools, Everwell creates technology to unify all aspects of care to empower patients and programs to fight curable diseases.
Everwell Ecosystem
Our technology is at the center of a large ecosystem supporting healthcare programs. We connect devices like adherence monitors and diagnostics with feedback from patients and clinicians, all integrated into a single platform. As a modular system, we continually innovate ways to leverage our technical ecosystem to empower patients and programs through adherence and engagement support.
Everwell Suite
Our host of technology projects that offer ways for users to interact with healthcare systems.
Everwell Hub
The Everwell Hub is our comprehensive, integrated platform for adherence and patient management. Health care staff can log into a single portal to register and follow up with patients, whose adherence reports from any of our integrated technologies appear side-by-side including 99DOTS, evriMED devices, and VOT.
99DOTS is a low-cost engagement tool using basic mobile phones and augmented packaging for patients taking anti-Tuberculosis medication. Each day, patients send a free call to a number revealed after dispensing their medication. Based on their adherence and connection to the Hub, programs can differentially treat patients and escalate cases of non-adherence.
Case Study
99DOTS has been running in India since 2014. The project, alongside the Government of India's RNTCP program, 99DOTS has been deployed in every ART clinic treating TB-HIV co-infected patients and across the TB program in 5 states: Maharashtra, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh. As part of the project, over 100,000 patients per year are registered on the government's Nikshay platform and monitoring using 99DOTS.
Our Team
Our team comes from diverse backgrounds spanning engineering, research, design, healthcare, capacity building, and counseling, all dedicated to building user-centric tools and systems to support healthcare programs.
Andrew Cross
CEO & Co-Founder
Bill Thies
Chairman & Co-Founder
Nakull Gupta
Abhishek Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Amy Chen
Research Fellow
Brandon Liu
VP Engineering and Research
Darvesh Kumar Punia
Software Engineer
Harsha G
Software Engineer
Kshama Lakshman
Prasaanth Balraj
Program Coordinator
Priyanka Ivatury
UX Researcher
Reena Kuttan
Program Officer
Sudarshan Saggu
Program Officer
Vaibhav Pande
Software Engineer
Vineet Nair
Program Officer
Jaya Lakshmi
Phone Counsellor
Kumar Abhinav
Associate Consultant
Prema Mahesh
Phone Counsellor
Roopa Aravindan
Phone Counsellor
Saloni Chandak
Visiting Intern
Our core team works in Bangalore, India with colleagues working from Mumbai and Boston
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Richmond Town, between HDFC Bank and Richmond Circle
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560025